Our Conditions of Hire

At the time of booking you will be asked to pay a fee of £100 to secure your booking. This amount will then form your refundable deposit after payment is made in full for the hire.

Full payment must be received 48 hrs prior to installation. We’ll check in then to give you a time slot for set up and go over any last-minute details. If you are ordering food from any of our partners, this must also be paid in full at this point.

The hot tub has a recommended capacity of 1190 L (314 Gal) and will weigh approximately 1235kg (2723lb) after we have filled it. We will site the hot tub where you have asked – provided that it is a flat area of patio, deck or lawn which meets the minimum size requirements – and it is your responsibility to be satisfied that the area you have selected will not be damaged by having the hot tub placed on it.

We’ll fill the hot tub from your household cold water supply. We have hose adaptors which fit most, but not all, taps. We will check this out with you beforehand. Depending on water pressure, the hot tub can take up to 2 hrs to fill. We’ll set up the bar and gazebo while it’s filling.

We’ll plug in the electrics, add the chemicals and demonstrate how to operate the hot tub. We’ll also leave clear instructions and will be contactable throughout the hire period if you need any help.

Testing strips and all-in-one chlorine tablets will be left in case you need to top up, but for a short hire the initial chemicals should be sufficient in most cases.

Hot tub safety & hygiene

Use of the hot tub is at your own risk. Please read and follow these safety recommendations during your hire:-

• The hot tub must be covered and locked when not in use.

• Children and pets must be always supervised when near the hot tub while the hot tub is on site.

• Do not used the hot tub unsupervised if you are heavily under the influence of drink or drugs, or taking medication which may make you drowsy.

• You should not use the hot tub by yourself if you have a history of fainting or losing consciousness, or a medical condition which makes this more likely.

• A skin test 24 hrs before is recommended – simply put a splash of the treated water on the skin when we set up on the Thursday and monitor for any sign of irritation before use.

• While switched on, the hot tub will take approximately 12 hours to reach and maintain a safe temperature of 40 degrees max. The temperature on the unit is only an indicator however, and it is recommended the water temperature is tested before use, especially if children are using it.

• The water in the hot tub will be filled to minimum level. Adding people will increase this depth. Please let us know if small children will be using the tub, as we can fill the water level accordingly. Children should not use the hot tub without an adult over the age of 18 being present.

• DO NOT attempt to drain or fill the hot tub yourself during the hire period. The water must be drained safely away from plants, lawn and ponds, due to the chemicals present – the water will contain chlorine, which can damage plants and surfaces. We have a pump and hose to do this properly.

• Our power cable is PAT tested and has a safety cut out in case of overload. If the hot tub unit stops working for any reason, please do not attempt to restart it. Call us on the number supplied immediately.

• The hot tub is supplied with a decorative sponge. This helps the hygiene of the hot tub by absorbing debris which can collect in the hot tub from people entering and exiting the hot tub. We would therefore ask that you do not remove the sponge from the hot tub.

• Please take care in entering and exiting the hot tub. The surface area around the hot tub could become slippery because of water being splashed out of the hot tub, etc. We supply a step to assist you in entering and exiting the hot tub. We also supply cup holders for the hot tub, these are not suitable for holding mobile phones. Use of mobile phones while in the hot tub is not recommended.

Condition of the hot tub

You are responsible for the hot tub and all of equipment provided by us whilst it is in your possession and will be required to reimburse us for any loss of or damage to our equipment. We would suggest checking whether your home insurance would cover loss or damage to the equipment. At the time we install the hot tub, you will be required to sign an inventory confirming the equipment we are leaving at your premises and its condition. Until we collect the equipment, we would ask that comply with the following:-

• No smoking or eating near the hot tub. If you’re drinking while in the hot tub, please do not drink hot liquids, and only use plastic glasses.

• No naked flames should be used in or near the hot tub, or any of the other equipment. As well as the potential for damage to the equipment, certain of the decorative features could be flammable. All the candles and lights we supply with the hot tub are battery operated for safety. Please switch these off when not in use.

• Only people go in the hot tub – no toys, pets, bubbles, oils or rose petals.

• It’s a good idea to shower before and after using the hot tub, to keep the water as fresh as possible and keep your skin healthy. Grass clippings are a particular nuisance and can damage the filter – which is why we insist that you do not cut your grass during the period of 48 hrs in advance of our set up of the hot tub.

• The hot tub MUST be switched off after the final use, and at least 3 hrs before scheduled collection. This ensures the water is a safe temperature to be pumped out.

Using the Garden Bar

Our garden bar is provided as a decorative feature for your use. It is made from reclaimed wood, sanded and waxed to withstand the elements, and the occasional drink spill! However, some small splinters may be present.
It is heavy, and not designed to be leaned upon, or stood or sat on. Glass bottles should be stored on the shelf behind the bar, not on top. Please do not lean or sit on this shelf, it is for display items only.

For safety we recommend the use of plastic glasses, and we will provide you with a number of plastic glasses as part of the cost of your hire.

We will not fix the bar to the ground in any way. It can therefore be pushed or pulled over. Please keep children away from the bar due to this risk.

Using the Gazebo

Our event standard gazebo will protect your party from most summer showers; however it can only be used safely if the wind speed does not exceed 20 mph.

We will check the weather forecast before we deliver the hot tub, and contact you if the forecast conditions mean that we cannot safely install the gazebo.

We’ll leave an anemometer with the gazebo during your hire, and the hirer agrees that if the wind speed becomes a concern or reaches speeds of 20 mph, we will be contacted as soon as possible on the contact number provided. The gazebo will need to be to be dismantled by us to avoid damage.

We do not provide side covers for the gazebo, other than decorative voiles.

These, and other decorative elements on the gazebo may be safely removed if wind speed becomes a concern, however the hirer takes responsibility for any damage as a result of removal.

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel your booking more than 6 weeks prior to the date of the hire with no cost to you, and we will refund your booking fee (less any charges we incur for making such repayment to you).

In the event that you cancel your booking less than 6 weeks but more than 3 weeks prior to the date of the hire, you shall be charged a cancellation fee of £100, which you agree that we take payment of by retaining your booking fee.

In the event that you cancel your booking less than 3 weeks prior to the date of the hire, then you shall be liable for the full hire fee.

We reserve the right to cancel the hire. This could include, but is not limited to, our equipment being unavailable for any reason, or if the weather forecast for any part of your scheduled hire period shows that there is a likelihood of strong winds or other adverse weather conditions. In the event that we cancel your hire, then you will not be liable for any part of the hire fee, and will be refunded any amounts paid (including your booking fee).

Refundable deposit

In addition to the hire fee, you will require to pay us a refundable deposit of £100. Provided that you have paid us a booking fee of £100, and have also paid the full amount of the hire fee, then we shall hold your booking fee as such deposit.

We will refund you the deposit within seven days of the end of the hire period if all of our equipment is returned to us at the scheduled time in working order and undamaged. However, in the event that any of our equipment is not returned to us at the agreed time, or any of such equipment is damaged or not in working order, then we shall be permitted to retain from your deposit any amounts necessary to reimburse our loss arising from this. In the event that such loss exceeds £100, then we reserve the right to seek any additional amounts from you to meet such loss.

Covid-19 Statement

We can reassure all of our customers that we take a pro-active approach to the management of Covid risks. The hot tub that we hire to you will have been carefully sanitised before it is installed. We would ask that you assist us by observing social distancing whilst the equipment is being installed. We would recommend that you consider social distancing rules and guidelines in relation to who you allow to use the hot tub during the period of your hire.